Boys Sunday brunch

This most elegant of past times deserves a mention in our lifestyle column.... As a meal served between breakfast and lunch and one to which partners can be invited and no guys your little strumpet is usually not invited since the entire conversations is about her antics from last night.
Putting together a decent brunch does not require lengthy shopping or a catering contract but some familiarity with the kitchen..

Spread wise anything light and digestible goes. This is more about the company but great food makes it memorable
Check out the extensive list below and add or subtract and multiply as required
Again no rules let the venue and post brunch activity guide. Absolutely a shower and brushed teeth.
I stand by the maxim it is better to be overdressed than under dressed.
Extend invitations while guest are still sober and ensure no social event clashes.
Confirm invitations 24hrs to event to get your numbers tidy
Make reservations if venue is a restaurant or public space
If hosting at yours then clear the brunch area and present an appropriate image of your residence. That means if you don't want to hear about it later then don't put it on show...
And plan for the extra guest(s)


Eggs - boiled , scrambled , fried, devilled or eggs benedict for the cooking maestros
Meats - cold cuts , salami, sausages, roasted chicken
Salads - mixed bags of lettuces , ceaser or mixed beans
Fries,steamed potatoes,boiled yams
Drinks ;
Large pitchers of fruit juices (preferably freshly squeezed)
Mixed drinks ,mimosa, bellini, bloody mary both virgin and bad bad versions.
Water ( hey this is recovery time )


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