Pile it on - metals, corals, leather, friendship bands, cords... Showing off that new zone of embellishment - the wrist... The trend is breaking rules as it allows your magpie character to show...
Let the pieces reflect interest, faith, travels, but never fads .. Not one to criticize the various plastic bands that support charitable causes but their design credentials are non existent... A cheque is an infinitely better serving than an arm full of tacky, faded bands.

These arm candy can be paired with even the most conservative gear and add spice to your ensemble, as you pile on more to celebrate or add something interesting to ride behind your huge sport watch. These things are fantastic conversation starters, e.g.
Really Hot Chic: Lovely piece u have on, is it a Stephen Webster? Man with Bracelet: No - found it in Mali (insert exotic locale) whilst...
You get the picture.
And if your unfashionable, staid friends snicker, watch them go green with envy as you compare notes on discovering the most ingenious place for finding arm candy with the hottest girl in the room.


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