Dressing up for love...

So you bought the gift, ordered the flowers . Small pesky problem of what to wear for the date that will remind your current love (amour) what made her fall for you or how her mistake has improved with....dates
Do not show up in an all scarlet - pink outfit . You are not the waiter at your favourite tex-mex place.

If a quiet dinner at a luxury restaurant is planned . It will not kill you to google or call and ask about the dress code .
Your kit should match the venue, I am a big fan of the tailored blazer even though a turf war is raging on as the girls have a annexed the boyfriends jacket in addition to boyfriends jeans and chinos . But I digress .....

Play it up formal or casual with the blazer.
A tuxedo jacket works great on jeans , it can take you comfortably uptown to sweating it up at a grooves spot.

Pull out that velvet jacket ... Currently I love plum , hunter green and rust hues.. Skip the pants...pls no Jonas brothers look alikes.

Pair the velvet jacket with a tshirt, collarless shirt avoid pairing it with a bowtie , this is not the academy awards.
Balance the outfit with the formality and planned progression of the date, you are gonna look nuts in a dinner jacket if u decide to recreate your first date at the corner coffee shop or she decides to run through sprinklers to celebrate her inner child and you are wearing three months rent.

If going casual , rock a pair of trendy jeans and my current hot pick tailored fitted pants with a waistcoat and a scarf.
No rude slogan tees...( Anything profane is inappropriate tonight)

Swap the cardigan for the pullover sweater, keeping it tailored and the silhouette slim.

At least showing up looking tasty should win the first round of points, food, drinks and the action sadly models own.


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