Entertainment 101

Saturday Evening, post-wedding/funeral, airport drop-offs and traffic.

A knock on the door.

Ten guys stumble in...

Putting together the unplanned happy hour requires some planning before hand. Come on now...

Equipment: tumblers, pitchers, wine glasses, corkscrew, assorted mix of nuts, olives, breadsticks, sausages, kilishe and escargots.

Drinks: an assortment of vodka, gin and whisky in the freezer of the not-too-crappy quality.

Mixers: cranberry, tonic, cola and soda.

Wines: Chardonnay and Shiraz are excellent.

Limes and cherries and mixed frozen berries...

A smoking hot playlist (note to self: test ipod and sound system beforehand)

Crap bucket for that guest (you know who u are...)

Let's party hard and rehash life's best jokes. Cheers!


  1. Bread and groundnut or hot n spicy indomie noodles for the extra high required 4 d best dance moves... ;)


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