Manbags......O yes I went there

Am done defending my virility , orientation and good taste.. Ladies men carry bags . Great bags beautifully designed and executed works of art . There is no reason why a grown ass man should not own a bag . Not that cheap polymer plastic crap that you bought with your lead weighted laptop. This was probably sold to you by some geek who was attired in crappy remains from the dollar store . If you must carry a laptop bag could we not find one that does not scream mediocrity . I carry a bag because it enables me lug around my daily collection of notes work books and junk .

And yes it looks good and frequently cost an arm and a leg. But I look very well put together . Discussing this topic with a member of the opposite elicited most surprisingly the view point that men who carried bags were sissy and generally more superficial . Interprete you are jealous of my vivien westwood calf skin shopper and you wish you could find some poor schmuck dumb enough to buy it for u. If I like you then I don't understand how what I carry to work should really disturb you because when I put down my bag and jump into bed with you I will rock your world or not depending on what am working with and afterwards understand why lending your Chloe to your deadbeat pal was a bad bad decision.
This 'sissy' argument raged during the resurgence of the pink shirt and now even people who live under the proverbial 'rock 'have gotten it. Men are equally as stylish as women and as more of us shed the baby wagon and keep the two seater . Our taste has improved along with disposable income . If I am a single income no kids or part of double income no kids household why should my earned money be used to get a bigger mortgage or having the gazebo redone . I am going to thumbing the latest style guide or calling my buddy to reserve that handsomely cut jacket and selecting a suitable bag for my life. Also if I spent three months rent on a bag I will not allow you use it to carry your hair equipment or laundry in it.
Bags for men come in all shapes, sizes and material , consideration for the occasion and task will guide the selection .

P.s guys pls don't clutch the bags that's a different war..... MG


  1. lol ... i agree,clutching the bag is a totally different war.
    some people are found ignorantly!

  2. U definitely went there.....


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