Weekend Bags .....

Let the stewardess troll through the airport with her four wheeler . You can stylishly begin that two day trip by toting a weekend bag. This is usually styled as a duffle bag with two sturdy handles and come in a range of materials . My personal favorite is in leather and is capacious enough to carry my weekend gear without the need to check in luggage avoiding queues and allowing me to stride out of the terminal with that international man of mystery swag.
Whether vintage or high end the beauty of this luggage piece come from the patina of use .
Take care of the leather or canvas after every trip, removing dirt and stains . Store in a dry place free from humidity. A swipe of neutral leather creme will keep this valuable piece supple and lasting a couple of generations. Store canvas bags in cloth bags to prevent discolouration .
Packing the weekend bag requires some thought as this is not the bag for carrying enough clothes for four weddings and a funeral.
This should carry one outfit for dinner another to play or walk around in. Toiletries remember post -Christmas 2009 . I would suggest unless you are headed to the Kalahari dessert buy when you get there. As you move from check-in to boarding if you have my luck and your departure gate is always furthest . Packing just right will enable you arrive at your gate looking sleek refined and perfectly able to flirt for that upgrade.


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