The Ankles have it.....

Road testing a pair of crop pants in Lagos drew stares and pitying solemn looks and bold questions of 'wtf is wrong with your pants'. These pants ala thom browne have swept through men fashion dividing opinions, seen as too avant garde to be adopted by the working man .. The are reminiscent of trousers during the rationing times of world war 2 or contractors of the 60'sin America. Wearing this garment which lend itself to clean lines and construction exposes another area of interest .. Dare I say it the ankles

Paired with a pair of brogues or leather sandals and topped with an equally fitted blazer or fitted shirt...please no copa cabana beach shirts ....This is funky fresh for 2010 and marks a serious fashion argument about hemlines on gentlemen.
We at MG love this look, as it refreshes the suit even though its unforgiving for the heavy hipped and short of leg.


  1. Love this trend and the recommendations for wearing with fitted jackets, right on point .....Boys at MG great trend alert


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