Is 3 the new 2......

Is it end of intimacy as we know it when men have moved the concept of a menage a trois from our overheated imaginations to something we go shopping for. The phrase "bring a friend" is uttered with the ease of ordering a very dirty martini from your favorite bartender.

Canvassing for input for this piece it does seem to be the case as men have more disposable income or intentionally make available cash for their libertarian pleasures. It does seem inevitable that we will demand our fantasies be brought to life. More men are actively seeking liaisons with two, three women all piled in. Round robin sex games are de jour instead Friday night poker.

In our society where sexual freedom is strictly defined by the male sex ( you can argue this if you want) threesome and orgies (really what else can u call four guys and eight horny women) have become commonplace, men reach for their wallets to assuage their conscience and ease womens fears and angst over being seen as a whore who likes it both ways and in every orifice.

While we sit and view it all as a perk for working fourteen hour days, are we sending a message that physical intimacy is being replaced by Rolodex of nubile young women who act out our fantasies, While we remain tyrannical prudes when it comes to performing these same fantasies with our partners.

It does seem that the battlefield of equality have moved out of the boardroom and back to where it started ...the four poster.


  1. I'll hinge my point on the prudery with our partners. This is where I believe the fantasts (typically men!) have a big role to play.

    Today, there's no going back on the desire to live one's dreams. And the "fat" paycheck thingy is f'ing real. The average working guy does seem to have more cash than he really needs (??!!).

    Crossing excess cash with men's fantasies, gives what we find today!

    The only sad part is the inability or reluctance of sharing these fantasies with partners/spouses. This I believe is the problem.

    A lot of guys would be shocked beyond recovery to find out how graphic and uninhibited most women's (especially their partners'/spouses') fantasies are!

    Rome (the series) gives a hint!


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