Another year far

I ran into a friend on his birthday, after pleasantries and man hugs . I asked what his plans were for celebrating the momentous occasion.

He mused for a bit and said he really had no plans. It was his fortieth and really wanted it to be celebrated in a meaningful and personally significant way.
He was grateful to be alive and successful, blessed in life and love and rather reflected on his next forty years if he is lucky.

While a birthday is special, the vagaries of life do continue unabated.
Why do we throw this anniversary parties? Is it for us or for our well wishers, is it better to spend the time reflecting on our lives to that point and wonder what might have been.

I truly don’t know , I celebrated my significant birthday with the love of my life in a beautiful restaurant and went home drunk passionate and thinking about a one pager for my boss the next day.

I celebrated the next with a happy hour that had people concerned for life, limb and livers.

Both were memorable and show that it is our day and being alive is truly what’s important.


  1. so it does not matter who or what you spend your birthday with?


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