Self medication disasters

An embroidered cape over an argyle sweater what are you, a prussian prince on a golf course.

Fix - Lose the coat or toss the sweater am voting for bining both

Trend alert....I don't think this is what Gstar had in mind for their new low crotch jeans and the neon sneaker.
Fix - Pull up the jeans change the shoes to suitable adult colour black , grey, navy, red and wear a cap .

I dont like to call people out but who does this, really really really


  1. SKINNY JEANS: love ma fitting boot-cut jeans to death, but i also love the look of skinny jeans on other ppl. gotten a few but never get to waer them out cos i end up feeling i should have worn something else. or guess its just the fact that i miss ma boot-cut jeans.
    How do i dress up with skinny jeans to fit me. im 6ft, a size 38, got Soccer thighs(thunder thighs) and a little going on behind.
    thanks K.....(accra)

  2. One way of wearing skinny that works is layering the lookso think collarless tunic and waistcoat or cardigan.
    I particulary like the mod look of tiny check shirt with a longline cardigan, jean and brogues.
    I think you might want to start your march towards skinny jeans ( they are on their way out ) with straight cut jeans or regular cut jeans in a size amaller if your thunder thighs are very powerful.

    Have fun with clothes

  3. LOL. Thanks Matt...


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