Sex in another city.....

Surviving the SATC2 weekend …

We might hate the fact that our significant others spend a ridiculous amount of time following the caprices of their four fabulous alter egos around NYC, I thought maybe there might be a way to profit from the SATC to profit from the fever at least be the guinea pig for some of Samantha’s action

Invite a gaggle of girls you would like to get with over for cocktails and turn up the fun factor with copious amounts of cosmos

Watch the movie for an early scoop of this year must have birthday/xmas/anniversary present and sexual fantasy position

An insight in to the current vulnerability buzz word ….depressed vagina anyone?!##

Enjoy the sight of your lover looking ultra fabulous for the next few weeks as Carrie pulls off one ultraglam outfit after another. Copying is the best form of flattery

Learn the suave moves of the leading men as the return.( welcome back Mr Big )

Book a football game to get back your manly mojo back.


  1. depressed vagina?lol havent heard that one o.and yeso to booking the football game, u guys will survive:)


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