Size matters ......

Just spent this week reviewing campaigns for various labels from traditional (Burberry ) to edgy hipster (Opening Ceremony) and even high street .

It strikes me that male fashion houses are as guilty of putting malnourished adolescents to advertise clothes for grown men as the women wear designers. Now I don’t know what world designers or their creative directors live in but not many kids can afford 3000 dollar trench coats or 1500 pound vintage distressed denim except you are the illegitimate son of Mick Jagger crossed with Donald Trump.

It is ridiculous that these prepubescent kids are staring at you scornfully while daring you with your man/ thunder thighs to slide in to delicate clothes that are not designed to fit anything above age thirteen.
Thanks to the androgynous look where boy/girl has ruled runways and editorials the male body type is stuck somewhere between a thirteen year old and a seventeen year old. This might be fine for disposable fashion of Topshop genre but certainly not for perennial pieces of any mans closet. However you amico are to blame if in your thirties your are still trying to buy most of your wardrobe from a store dedicated to a tweens.

It was with some joy to see the H&M campaign featuring Mark Vanderloo and David Gandy D&G campaign, these are seriously good looking men with bodies that the average can aspire to if he gave up the chips and pints of lager.

So designers we don’t need a plus size edition of Vogue Italia to address this, just take a walk around your stores and see the guy with platinum credit card shake his head and walk out the door heading straight for Ralph Lauren.


  1. lol!!!!shake his head and head for ralph lauren.Its a mostly sedentary life that makes u able to afford the clothes kwa!!!except u r some rich


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