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kiki said...
SKINNY JEANS: love ma fitting boot-cut jeans to death, but i also love the look of skinny jeans on other ppl. gotten a few but never get to waer them out cos i end up feeling i should have worn something else. or guess its just the fact that i miss ma boot-cut jeans.How do i dress up with skinny jeans to fit me. im 6ft, a size 38, got Soccer thighs(thunder thighs) and a little going on behind. thanks K.....(accra)
May 7, 2010 1:35 AM

MatiuGordon said...
One way of wearing skinny that works is layering the look so think collarless tunic and waistcoat or cardigan. I particulary like the mod look of tiny check shirt with a longline cardigan, jean and brogues.I think you might want to start your march towards skinny jeans ( they are on their way out ) with straight cut jeans or regular cut jeans in a size smaller if your thunder thighs are very powerful.
The look below styled for our mens collection story shows what a longer line tunic does for skinny jeans . The layers enhance each other .


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