Dining alfresco @ Bishops Cottage

Before 20 happy people got to this beautiful table

Celeb Chef Uche opens his heart and kitchen to twenty total strangers to come dine and talk shop at his formerly hidden now rapdily famous cafe.

There was wine aplenty imbibed while waiting for stragglers to finish watching England ragtag band of half fit football stars slug out a boring draw.

Early birds imbibed wine and atmosphere talking shop from life love and the regular BS when a week has been too long

The family dinner at BC is an opportunity to hang out with pals and new faces talk absolute smack find love lust all with great food.

Dinner served at 10.30pm was an amalgam of flavors as Uche ethos is pushing food to the edge hopefully not off the table was on full display. Starting with a delectable light fresh soup that was flavorful and whole some as the fresh dinner rolls. Rapidly followed by platters of chicken, shrimp beef . Copious amounts of alcohol smoothed rough edges and total strangers totally embraced the spirit of the table equality equammity and total shitfacedness........ Bravo Augustina and Dan Uche


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