Mandals......much ado

I think I have discovered the new summer buzzword that will confound women and thrill the fashion forward among us.
As understood now it refers to statement footwear too fabulous for words in the form of the humble sandals. Think Derek Blasberg Givenchy gold toned gladiators he debuted at Madrina Dashkova MOMA exhibition in New York.
These are not sandals for the wall flower type... Think metallics ,exotic skins, embellishments, height (never say heels for mans shoes, all tossed into the creative mix...
To be fair not so original after seasons of statement glamour rich shoes on the womens catwalk.
So are you ready boys for the shoes that will get you noticed this summer and fall.

“Mandals” would cause comment on a tshirt much less my feet I will stick to my favorite sandals sans embellishment rather than rattle that cage again.


  1. Nice one!
    Please give me somewhere to go for this!

  2. fotos?anyone....


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