What women want:

You cannot ignore a story that crops up with alarming regularity, It seems to me that a lot of married men have been forced into starting families earlier then they would like and have no input on how many bundles of joy they will have to work for.

Most men seem to want to wait for an average of two years before starting their families but for some reason women ignore this or simply do not consider the financial impact of children on the primary breadwinner. Now women may scoff and say that they earn equally or more than their men , but the truth is 'mi mortgage your casa' is still the rule of thumb . Men are denigrated when their spouse incomes are appropriated in to living expenses with any regularity.
So truly ladies your income just makes your life easier unlike the mans income that is drawn quartered and spent with the emotional attachement of a hedgehog. (.....yup nice turn of phrase)

So why do you do it?

- Is it to show your friends that you can procreate
- That you run this shit
- A lack of understanding that kids are 20 yr mortgages on time and happiness

This is even worse when the size of the family is totally decided before meeting the man and the ridicoulus excuse of 'it just happened' makes a fool of your education and common sense


  1. what can we say...mistakes happen

  2. doesn't the same apply to women? they are pressured into starting families earlier than they would like... society and parents say now you are married when is the baby coming? may be they want to wait longer to have children but they do not want the stigma of people assuming they are barren.

  3. i agree, the shoe should fit on both foots, they r both equally responsible for the size and timing, men who are not ready should take precautions as well,that way mistakes are prevented.Communication is key though, most men see the mistakes coming when their wives are not so eager to wait.lol

  4. "Marriage is when a man and woman become one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one"

  5. hmmmm welll this article is certainly something... but what r saying- women r to blame in the marriage for having children early?!

    pah...plz men r the broody inconsiderate ones that forget we as women want to have a career and fun in the marriage before settling down and surrendering to stretch marks, 9 months of selfness and more...

    sorry to inform u but women r the victims not men... lets face it, as long as men have their prize wives that does all they want and need(cook, clean, run the house) they shud take wat they get quietly and enjoy the blessing of a child wen they get it :) x


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