Bill of rights

When is it okay to transfer the affections of a sex buddy to another interested party.... when you no longer have intercourse or when both parties are attracted to each other and already exploring ...maybe or your place or mine type conversations
Several people canvassed would not date much less sleep with their 'exes friends' but have decidedly smaller inhibitions with their 'friends exes'. While lust, jealousy and greed are truly basic human behaviours one must wonder if in trivialising ones feelings ... denied or unexplored perhaps provides closure for the feeling of inadequacy in our collective guts.
In the transfer of sex rights who goes first in the pecking order , whose wishes are considered ... does the 'tranferer' have first picks on a drunken lean nite..... exclusivity is out of the window I suppose.
What is the post sex tryst behavioural code.... is judgement and name calling allowed or a general hi-five all around where boys will be boys .....MG


  1. this is crazy but true ..... first come first serve


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