Case of the Ex

When you run into an old flame Who has cleaned up her act and currently has acquired a spouse and matching brood .. What goes through your mind ...what's running through hers
Do you say hello effusively wrapping her in a bear hug of affection

Do you watch for nervous tics ...and decide to show her that though time has passed the scars still hurt on a cold night

Do you guage your interaction by the emotional fallout of your breakup...

One thought that will dominate this surge of emotions is that you would like to leave looking a better person than the one she remembers.

As we move through the mine field of relationships, do you apologise for all things both spoken and unsaid.
Are you responsible for getting over your disillusionment and how much do we learn from a bad human experience.
Does our choice of partners reflect our inherent issues

If you look worse than ever or are about to have kardashian style breakdown ... Might I suggest you duck and spare us the embarassment


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