Brows too far.....

I just realised that James Cameron ‘’Avatar ‘ was not really fiction after all. Sitting in church and lifting holy hands in praise of my maker. It struck me that the young lady next to me had the most usual eyebrows.
This were sharply drawn curves that had a very unnatural arch to them. Wondering to myself if she was indeed related to reptiles or she had refused to evolve from her cousins 175 million years ago , too bad she did not live in downtown LA as she may have been discovered to star in last summers blockbuster.

Ladies please the whole point of eye enhancement is to embellish and improve upon what nature bestowed upon us. Usually these architecturally drawn brows are painted with the ferocity of Picasso in his blue period. It is shocking that anyone has the singular bad taste to ladle three primary colours on one eyelid.

I cannot in all honesty blame these women thanks to Tyra’s (seriously you want a surname) global domination everybody fancies themselves a supermodel and even if they will never fit or afford a size 2 dress their eyelids get the haute couture treatment for an edgy fashion shoot with Mars as the theme.

Men also get taken to the cleaners over this as being silent conspirators as well as being guilty of growing the mono-brow (Planets of the Apes anybody ) I get it you were born with it but get your barber to get rid of it and join the rest of us walking on two legs instead of four .


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