New Page ..New rules

Two perfectly reasonable people are no longer on speaking terms because the other ’stole' his pals off facebook sounds like the sub plot of a Miley Cyrus summer sob fest. No … its shocking but grown ass men and women are increasingly falling out over the misuse and not so obvious boundaries associated with cyber space relationships.
The very cool guy in the hall loses his A game status when you find out he is a fan of spelunking over the weekend and nerd over there ups the ante with pictures of him in Barbados aboard grand papas yacht . That social networks have opened up vistas of information out there is nothing new, but increasingly people are reconsidering and slowly developing the social manners of this new frontier.

Because we are pals in the office..... can you comment on my wall…..No …maybe?
Are you allowed to have conversation with my friends ? No way …..Go get yours

Friendships are infinitely personal and developed with a million unspoken guidelines, a third party intrusion into that delicate balance usually upsets it.
Examples of this abound in new marriages or cohabiting couples where the term ‘our friends’ is a conflagration point for arguments and usually leaves all parties unsatisfied with the new rules.

So do we as society set new rules … will this be based on length, role and purpose of the relationship.

Till then I will be trusting my little black book….MG


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