Skank among us

You know who you are… you show up and pretend not to order then take great helping from the bottle and just before the bill is presented you air kiss your way out of the building . Yet you wonder why no one calls you or invite you to their faboulous parties after six months.
These are the social butterflies who boast about how they are taken to parties, dinners all for being simply too faboulous for words … No pal you are a skank. While no shame exist on your planet. Playing others for a fool simply shows how low we have gone collectively in seeking good company.

Here are a few rules

• If we are playing rounds …opt out … we will respect you for it.
• Drink what you can afford
• Pick up a check and say thank you are not Jesse Jackson daughter.
• These are simple rules to live by and if you cannot afford to hang out with more moneyed friends ….don’t get in touch on Friday afternoon about my plans for the evening.


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