Style ...Elegance?

So who has style …who is elegant.. The man that can pair red pants with a monogrammed school blazer or the rugged jean and leather clad individual? I think both style and elegance are down to confidence. An inner assurance of your ‘person’ gives off a vibe that is endearing to many and incredibly attractive.
Individuals considered stylish and elegant usually have their fashion faux pas but carry it off as an affectation. Usually they are too cool to care what you think.
This however does not mean that a lack of knowledge about what fits your physique or self awareness about the appropriate attire. I find individuals that flaunt conventions roughly divided into eclectic or inordinately rude say wearing a red jacket to a black and white ball… no it’s not funny and standing out for the wrong reasons does not win points on the style and elegance stakes.
So finding ones style requires experimentation and an appreciation for finer details of the wardrobe. Dressing fastidiously even when rocking a ripped pair of jeans is about time and place and that bold confidence that showcases your ‘mojo’


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