Things Mama never said.....

After watching a furiously contested amateur pole dancing contest .... With the enthusiastic screaming of not just underwear loving cavemen in the background it was surreal to see Dita Von Tees job ... 'Burlesque' has truly gone global ... Burlesque and good ole rocking the pole in clear heels is now mainstream and has been added to the set of essential skills of a suitable partner .. As todays relationships evolve a new set of skills are on the wishlist.

As ladies are rapidly replacing diaper changing and knitting on that list men are demanding 360 twirls and three finger mouth action..
Looking at this ladies mount and gyrate the steel tube you could not help but notice that they viewed this steel tube as quite literaly a penis ... And were going to make magic happen even if it hurt them.

But like most things usually negotiated these new skills require a man come to the table with a six pack, six figure salary and don juan capabilities and the sensitivity of Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony combined .... So if u can't cuddle and talk make soup and love at once... Am really afraid for you


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