The rise of the Cougar

No this isnt the name of a Stallone slug fest
Men have just realised that like fine wine we kinda like our women more refined less abrasive and little more understanding of the vagaries of life.
The wonders of technology from botox to pilates( yes …ladies we heard there magic out there) has made the preservation of youthful visages no longer the bastion of the young ….right now you are as old as who you are sleeping with.
Sadly we find that though signs of aging can be obliterated however life experiences cannot be easily injected into the cerebral cortex to enable you understand how we really feel and how life can be uncomplicated.
So the thought of two emotionally needy people vying for attention at once rather than a symbiotic balance of energy is rapidly pushing men into the arms of the cougar who with her 20 yr old body and 40 yr view of life is truly one of lifes remarkable finds.......MG


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