Averna Amaro ...from the old country

Amaro Averna is one Italy premier bitters from Sicily. It was founded by Salvatore Averna in 1869 It is unique blend of spices, roots and fruits blended with carmel and matured over years and now enjoyed as a digestif or much to a good friends disgust a cocktail.
My favorite way to enjoy this remarkable liqueur is served in a tall glass with crushed ice 4 oz and topped up with Schweppes tonic water.A long refreshing drink thats lifts the complex flavors.

Personal research (wink) brought a few recommendations

Vertigo ...
in a tall glass with ice
0.5 oz lime juice
2 oz Averna
top with ginger ale

Island Vodoo
in a mixing cup
1.5 oz of Rhye whiskey
0.5 oz Averna
2 oz limonicello
stir 30 times strain into a martini glass garnish with a flamed orange peel

Dolce Amaro
1.5 Averna
1.0 Orange liquer
stir in a mixing glass and strain into a martini glass garnish with a lemon wheel

Enjoy responsibly


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