Chante gotta man......

When I first wrote the draft for this post it sounded very  heavy handed sort of the rantings of a mad black man sorry Tyler, hopefully this is a better me and a better post

So why do we as people feel the need to characterize everything new with what they have previously dealt with.  If its a new car once we own one we know the brand, if  its a work position once we have done it then there is nothing new or rewarding aboutit and use this very obnoxious lens in viewing life and spoiling peoples enjoyment of it.
The crux of the matter is simple if you have a man at home that you regularly love, mistreat,fawn over, debase and disregard in equal measure. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE ME AT HOME.
I am tired of meeting people who because they have someone my age, my height, my work grade feel you can disrespect me . I am not your son or brother or ex lover . I am me different,  unique with all my flaws (now features)  and a genuine smile . I demand courtesy always, I work hard so I can stand tall so even you can stand tall lets walk this earth binding our thoughts and words with respect.......MG


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