I hate him .....but cant stop coming back

As the weekend approaches ... I might deny it ... I might run away from it but I will probably be at Chef Uche table.

I can see your sneers and derison as you wonder why a grown man has no self control. Let me educate your judgemental behind .
This man marinate and simmers chicken in beer , rice is caramelised in coconut rum, goat is cooked in coca cola ( I kid you not) and shrimp is tossed in hot chilli . Then he layers these morsels with a trio of plaintain , sweet potatoe and irish potatoe layer... and tops it with smoked cheddar .
Nope not done yet all baked and moist .....thats just one course at this table usually packed with incredible conversation and individuals. This man has a sick imagination for food ....
When people talk about his food its parted lips , sighs and glistening eyes ...... I just heard about his sex with chocolate and it rumored to be the best thing since Jenna Jameson......

So sorry to disappoint you again .......I will be at the same venue


  1. I TOTALLY RELATE... I M A SLAVE... 1407

  2. I actually schedule my trips to Lagos to make sure I can eat at that table


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