Tale of two strays.....

In one week two major stories have broken about the shenanigans of powerful men ....sperminator diddling his maid and supporting both child and mother under wife's nose ..damn player and the IMF guy and the Guinean chamber maid ala French royal court... while Americans heave their collective bosoms and the Europeans tut tut ...it barely registers on the African psyche.
So what did these ...you call them powerful ..I say typical men find attractive enough to stray, don't worry it was not their looks average is the understatement of the century ...could it have been availability .... Tarzan see it want it grab...
or is it the intriguing 80-20 rule ...in every relationship there is something missing in it ... and as the cycle of life love and pain goes it moves sometime to stratospheric highs of 95- 5 and some despairing lows of 10-90 ...my take if it gets lower than that you need to shoot yourself for being in a stinker of a relationship.
Being in a relationship that has lost its spark or leaves a yearning does it make it right to stray ...briefly ..seeking emotional redress from the tedious nature of a long term relationship in another...is that forgivable? ...does it show that you are unable plot debt relief for third world countries or make a new blockbuster,.... or that wow you are human,.... and as along as you don't find fulfillment were you are ..a hard honest look at your life is warranted before you become a honorary guest at Ricker Island ...Americans too much...


  1. Hm, that is scarcely registers on the African psyche...:(

  2. I think we have more to be concerned about .. famine hunger aids ...social injustice ...Arnie cheating and Mr IMF peccadilloes are distractions on our radars


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