Gifts 101

Finding the right gift for the men in your life usually requires clairvoyance or an innate ability to detect 'what men want' most simply buy for the man he is #smart
Or buy for the man you want him to be ...assuming you don't mind the gift being rewrapped for UNICEF

I think most gifts are broadly divided into
Mr Luxury
If it costing you a vacation, you are in the right store , think exclusivity rather than price. One giant pitfall is buying expensive items that the gift giver likes
If your man drive a luxury car, collects art, earns ridiculous amounts of money then the run of the mill or mass produced will not do.
Great thing though if your are expecting a gift back .... who isn't ?then a magnificent return on investment will be in Santas kitty for you

Mr Practical
This is for the iPhone owner, bargain hunter and people cognizant with home depot, oil changes and the words 'organic '
Here buying something he already owns ... Renewing a subcription and tickets to his home game will bring a smile

Mr Novelty
Rule of thumb anything you would not own .... A fifty dollar maximum is my advice . Seriously don't expect anything back


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