Would you date a girl / guy who had Botox done?
Would you date same person if Botox was done on face or armpits or genitals
Do you manscape?
Do you think the term MURSE is redundant
Understand the cleanse and a creative diet.

If you answered or thought seriously about the above questions then you are a part of team NEWGEN
A group not defined by age , profession, sexuality or life status.
Ultimately all that matters to you is living life to the max, enjoying the application of technology to stop natures curse of aging .... Club motto age ain't nothing but a number ... Casualties of this group torn and shredded hearts litter your playground, faded dreams as you quickly move to the next big fix. Early adoption and dropping of fads today's its the plaid clad hipsters tomorrow handmade shoes from seven year old calves and next week fad will probably strike at midnite as you sway to some new age jam at some obscure nightclub.
But you seek and believe in happiness , your empathy is contagious.
You truly believe in the a better tomorrow for another generation and you show up first and put the lights out last .. Probably because you took an extended lunch break for your Thai massage and glycolic peel ..... To today's gentleman tomorrow leader


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