MG recommends ...Bond no 9 New York Amber

I got this for xmas and loved it ... Cant think of a better to start the new year than smelling fresh and sexy ..

.At Bond No. 9, has built a reputation on New York-centric scents that capture and are named for the spirit of our great city’s legendary and up-and-coming neighborhoods—from Riverside Drive to Nouveau Bowery to Coney Island.
But concurrently, have lately begun designing eaux de parfum that are metro-accented odes to our favorite fragrance notes. Simply put, our mission is to New York-ify these legendary scent notes, composing blends that bring out their metro bona fides. First came New York Oud, a homage to the Eastern-world wood, which we modernized and energized for our fast-paced, multifarious cityscape.

Now comes a shared male-female blend which celebrates a very different aspect of New York: its seductive, sophisticated edge. Introducing New York Amber, whose powerful but quietly sensual key ingredient is a musky, earthy, honey-like tree resin with a haunting liquor-gold color that has also made it an enticing gemstone. Found far away, along the shores of the Baltic Sea, amber nonetheless has all the sought-after New York smarts—being as smooth and flawless as twilight on the Hudson, as cocktails at a skyscraper aerie, or a Gershwin rhapsody in gold. One of the most ancient ingredients in the perfume repertory, amber was so prized by the Greeks that they associated it with the Sun God.


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