Creativity questioned ???

I discovered a blog titled 'Finding Hubby' that dealt with the serious ( yawn) subject of finding a mate in cosmopolitan Lagos. I found it funny, sad and quite frankly could not stop reading
Spoiler alert : now the author of the blog is a male novelist, I shared this great blog with my colleagues and friends among the demographic that the blog writes about incredible young men and women.
The universal reaction on discovering the author was male and not the Aunty Julia they had in mind was to ask questions about his sexuality......
Amazed and amused I pondered where had creativity gone .....and offered another perspective that maybe he had a circle of editors. ... Females or the young man was just an imaginative writer with life teaching him empathy.
Why do we bother about how ..things were made or produced and judge if we can replicate them. How about we just enjoy his craft and recognize him for what he is .....a damm fine artist.


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