Pursuit of Happiness

So we grow up to .... Worry. I find myself increasingly amidst conversation within inner and outer circles On the grand subject of worrying whether it's for a job circa 2002 or first house, car, wife , sex and just the attainment of happiness.
Does staying up late, cold sweats, signposting every step of your really get you to that point of nirvana.
For every person that believes in plotting out life to the smallest minutiae there's the other that seems to fly by the seat of their pants through.
So who is happier? My take is that if you have an idea of what you want in life ( big box people) then laying what you need to get there is important..... However the time it takes is largely dependent on a mix of circumstance and skill
But recognizing that plans may change and happiness might be in the smaller things in life ......
Smell the air guys the world is indeed your oyster..... I know who used oyster

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