Perfect - imperfect life's

The chase for the big O has become a lightening rods for arguments about fulfilment in life and relationship
It does seem that where women and some men compromised on this in searching for a partner in some weirdly common cases totally neglecting this and committing it to faith.
It then becomes the only thing that fails to complete their life's even when all else is present. Is it really anyone's fault that you choose stability , faith or prospects of the joneses lifestyle over toe curling exhausting orgasm ... yes folks these do exist.

As you sit among the debris of your perfect - imperfect life looking around your accomplishments and thinking about the last time someone made you cover your face with shame at how hard you came bereft at what to do.
If it's that important to you make changes .... Not my place to suggest but if you reach for our centre you will know what to do ....

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